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J-Lo, Beyonce, Most Female Track Athletes; What do They Have in Common?

Before starting to write this article, we did a little research on the origin of the word “booty.” What we discovered was that you should only use the term booty when referring to a woman’s buttocks, not a man’s. To make the booty even more descriptive, popular culture has expanded the term by combining it with the word “delicious” to make the new mega word “bootylicious.” This begs the question: How do you make a booty bootylicious?


All the years of experience coaching women has taught us that the lower body is the body part all women want to improve. However, you can’t make it happen by working on only one muscle group – it’s all about the package. The lower body package. This means you also must work the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and let’s not forget the calves.

Building Bootyliciousness: Lifestyle and Diet Changes

Before we talk about training, consider that to have a bootylicious bottom half you can’t rely only on training. Lifestyle and diet are just as important, and where most women fail is keeping their digestive system healthy.
All women should take a probiotic and get enough fibre – at least 25 grams of fibre a day – and because most people don’t eat enough veggies, you probably need a fibre supplement too.
For the vegetables you do eat, make certain most of them come from the cruciferous family. Cruciferous vegetables contain sulfur compounds that will help you detox those nasty estrogens more efficiently.
As for lifestyle, eliminate all cosmetics that contain parabens. You also need to avoid products (food and/or cosmetics) that come in bottles that contain phthalates, which can affect hormone balance. These phthalates will leach into your food, liquids, and cosmetics.

Building Bootyliciousness: Training

Now, on to training. First, when you perform the workout I’m about to share with you it’s important that you lift heavy. If your legs don’t feel like wet linguini noodles after you’re finished, go back and do it again.
The muscle fibres that give you that nice sexy shape are stimulated only when you lift heavy and intensely (think gymnast versus marathon runner). A good guideline is to select a weight that is heavy enough so you can complete only the reps prescribed, no more, no less.
For the following workout, I want you to focus on your glutes with every single rep. You gotta squeeze those buns to activate those muscles. Mindlessly going through the reps while thinking about what you are going to do after your workout won’t get you anywhere.
The only things that should be going through your mind are numbers (as you count out your tempo), squeezing your booty and visualizing how much more bootylicious you will be with every workout.

The Bootylicious Workout

A1. Squat, 4 x 7-9, 4010, rest 30 seconds
A2. Walking Lunge, 4 x 9-11, 2010, rest 30 seconds
A3. Leg Press, incline, duck stance, feet high, 4 x 12-15, 3010, rest 90 seconds
B1. Leg Curl, prone, feet out, dorsiflexed, 4 x 7-9, 4010, rest 30 seconds
B2. Romanian Deadlift, clean grip, 4 x 9-11, 3010, rest 30 seconds
B3. Reverse Hyperextension, 4 x 12-15, 3020, rest 30 seconds
C. Calf Extension, Leg Press machine, medium stance, feet neutral, 3 x 8-10, 2211, rest 60 seconds

Some of us are more blessed than others when it comes to the booty, but we can all intensify the bootylicious factor with a solid weight-training program. Enjoy!
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